Wilderness Survival: Be Prepared for Any Event

One only has to look at the different types of unexpected events across the world this year to realize that our comfortable home and neighborhood can turn into a wilderness in minutes. Those who suddenly lose roads and bridges are cut off from the areas they need to visit routinely. If you live in a remote area, the probability of being stranded with no opportunity to contact anyone about your circumstances exists. In fact, there are times that many people are unaware of exactly where people have their residence. Unless you let people know where your home is located, it will be hard for anyone to search for you if you need help. Even if you just have a tent or a small hut for your residence, let at least two people know.List the area with family and friends in other areas of the country so they can inform rescue parties if an emergency occurs. Give grid coordinates and permanent landmarks. If you need medicine or oxygen to survive, be sure it is on the list for emergency crews who may have to air drop supplies to your area. If there is an earthquake, flood or fire access to your area may be cut off. Even dormant volcanoes are stretching out and creating havoc for those in the area. Wind certainly disrupts and damages life as we know it.One of the most important things you can do is to establish a code message to let others know you are okay and another to let them know you are in dire need of help. A bright yellow flag with glow in the dark lettering can signify all is okay and to please take care of others more in need first. Neon red with glow in the dark signs, symbols and letters will announce the need for immediate help. If this method is set in place before it is needed, you are ahead of the game.You cannot always depend on power. Keep battery backup for lights and radios. Buy inexpensive solar lights because the sun regenerates them during the day.Know how to power up the generator. Generators only last until the fuel runs out. You may want to wait to run the generator until rescue crews are in the area. It is a lot easier for them to hear it running then your voice trying to shout above the noise of a raging river.Take responsibility for your own life. It is not the government’s job to make a call about what might or might not happen. If you are proactive, you and your family will survive many catastrophes. Homes built on hillsides are subject to slipping down the surface if the ground shifts. Those who live near lakes, rivers and streams are subject to flooding when it rains. Dams seldom fail, but they can do so, especially during a flood or earthquake. Any area is subject to those events; they just occur more often in certain areas.Take classes on wilderness survival and read various blogs and survival guides. This is one thing you can do for yourself and your family to ensure survival.

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